Saturday, September 6, 2008


Sitting here bored, I began to think about all the unfinished projects I have yet to accomplish. Some of these WIP's are no longer Work in Progresses anymore. I gave up on them. But it would be interesting to compose a list of my failure over the past few years.


Halo Survivor - Began production in 2005. We put out a few episodes on the PC version but then decided to move to the Xbox. After much time of preparation and gaining voice actors and writing scripts we have finally finished filming Episode One last month. Now all I need are the voices from everyone and I can edit it together and release the episode.

Sierra - A series made by my friend Andrew. I only participated in it as an editor and voice actor, nothing else. He gave up on the series temporarily because of lack of resources. Not so much my failure.

A Race Against Time - A series I made with my own clan in 2005. We made one episode, then the clan broke up and the project was dropped. The story lacked detail and effort.

Technical Advantage - A new series I started writing in 2007. This one is a revamped plot of "A Race against Time" with a much better name. The plot has been built upon extensively and I have written up to 13 episodes out of 18 for season one. I have yet to film any of it. I'm just waiting for the right time.

Downlow - A map I have been making for a year now. My friend Clark suggested the idea and I volunteered to make it with no promises. There has been so many attempts I have made at this thing. Three times I have erased everything and remade it with a much more efficient method of modeling each time. At this point, I am pretty sure I would stick with the model I have right now. I just lost interest in it. I may come back to it again. I did two times before. It just might be a while.

CondensationA map designed and modeled by Clark. I fixed all the MANY errors he had in the geometry and then gave it to him to skin. He's yet to skin it. I did my part, just waiting on his part now.

Movie Theatre - A map designed by Rik. Very little was done by me in this project aside from a candy booth. It's still an unfinished project nonetheless.

Sierra Map - I volunteered in making a map for Sierra. I had finished much of it only to realize that I saved it in the wrong file format and could not compile it into a Halo Map. There was a way around it, but it required much work to recover everything and I didn't feel like it was worth it.

Intertron - I made a map that was to be used in a scene in Halo Survivor. My computer crashed in September of 2006 and I lost everything, including this map file. I never bothered remaking it.

Conoid - Another map I lost in the computer crash that was based upon three cylindrical rooms. I never bothered remaking that either.

Halo Campaign - Very little was done but I attempted to make a single player mission on Halo once. I lost interest in it when the scripts became too hard.

My Room - I modeled my room to scale and made it into a Halo Map. Something happened with the bitmaps and they all got corrupted. I never fixed them. Though I did get it in game.

Halo CE Trainer 9.0 - The third installment of the trainer that I was working on. It was to have in-game menus so that you could control commands without minimization. Coding became too difficult and I put off the project until I was able to learn and dll's. I might take a course in college for this. I could come back to this.

Halo 3 UI - A current project that I was working on. I got much done with this one. The Halo UI map resembled the theme of Halo 3's UI. A lot of the menus are done and it received much feedback from a mini fan base. Something happened with the bitmaps one day and all my files became corrupted. I've been too busy to figure out how to fix them. I will come back to this. It isn't a lost cause and hopefully won’t be a WIP for long.

Ferris Wheel - A model I was working on. The model is complete but the explosion isn't ready yet. My most recent file has the asteroid modeled and the path created for which it will travel and crash into the wheel. I'll finish it up sometime soon.

Bunker - A piece of scenery I modeled but never got in game.

Battle Arena - A game I and Rik worked on a while ago. We finished up the demo but we never worked on the final release.

Bouncin Maze 2: A game I worked on by myself when I was young. I finished the first game, but it was very messy and thrown together. I then developed the sequel with a much neater interface and idea. Currently the demo is complete with 20 levels and 2 bosses. The game was never finished though.

The Experiment - A series that Andrew is making. I have been editing his videos, but due to resolution complications, memory leakages, and just loss of interest, I keep putting off this project. I usually begin working on it again a week later when I'm bored. Kind of funny how the ONLY video editing projects I put off are Andrews. This doesn't happen with anything else.

Tire Cannon - A weapon that Rik designed and I modeled. We got it in game and it is complete. It just was never released.

S Series Weapons - Another weapon Rik designed. I got a rough model in game, but I just lost interest with it.

There are so many other things that are too small to be listed or even remembered. I lost a whole bunch of WIP's on my computer crash in 2006. And some things I worked on last only like a day and then I get interested in something else. These are probably photoshops, flashes, or models. Videos that I edit usually always get finished. I enjoy editing too much to throw it aside.

This list is subject to change.

This list will be added to if I remember something else.

Now...after all that babble. I made a new comic. The idea might be a bit confusing. So I’ve been told by multiple people.

Basically things always go perfect in movies. Bombs are stopped, people are saved. I doubt it would be that lucky in real life.

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