Friday, August 22, 2008

Comic #26, Comic #26.5, Exploding Ferris Wheel

Yes. I realize I could have just made two panels in one comic. Do I care? No.
Visually, this one looks really good. I spent a good three hours on the first one. Ten minutes on the second.
^ Another reason I only draw stick figures in comics.

By the way, that 3D person is supposed to be me. Well the stance is anyway. I traced a picture of my body once I got sick of messing up trying to draw it from memory:

Finally, I managed to explode that Ferris Wheel I showed on here a few days ago. It's now on youtube. This was just a test phase. It will get better than this.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Comic #25 and Flash Game

I made a new comic yesterday. This one was inspired while watching the movie Paycheck. Good movie too, if you're into action, mystery, tech films.

Everything always seem to go perfect in car chases...just as planned. In real life, I doubt you would be that lucky.

Also a semi-cool announcement: Our company Iceburg Inc has released a flash game on Newgrounds. This is the game I have been talking about the past few months. If you have enough patience and/or want a good laugh go check it out: Hitler's Strawberries.

I say patience because this game was specifically made for Clock Day, a day for Newgrounds where nothing can get bad ratings. Everyone takes advantage of this, including us. So this game is intentionally supposed to be bad and make no sense at all. It turned out pretty good for a majority of it being done in three days tops. Rik and Batto are designers, artists, and composers of soundtracks. I programmed it and added weird text in places.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Comic #24, Games, UI, Animations

A lot of things have been going on in the last few weeks.

The first thing being the UI. I have stopped working on it. My tags somehow got corrupted, and now I can't use my editing programs. I'll be able to fix it, but I kind of took a break from it for now. It seems like the perfect opportunity to do so anyway.

The second thing being the comic. I had some downtime from the game programming, so I whipped this one up.

We had a huge storm a few days ago, and this was exactly what I was doing while modeling in 3DS Max.

The third thing I started doing was modeling a Ferris Wheel in 3DS Max. (In a way, all these sections in this blog are interconnected.) I got the model finished and rotating. However my intention was to destroy it in a demolition type animation...of course. So I still have some work that needs to be done. Here is a bad quality preview of what is done so far.


The fourth and final thing was quite last minute. I am programming a game, as I mentioned above and back on May 26th, for my friends Lineman and Batto. I can't give away information about it, but it will be ready very soon. Once it's released, I'll post a link in here.

So that's about it. Summer is winding down. and I'm trying to finish all my Work in Progresses, which wont happen. Also I'm curious as to who actually reads the blog, rather than look at all the pictures. So if you see this sentence right here, let me know.