Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Comic #19

A friend of mine is going to Europe and it gave me the idea to do a comic about an airport:

I highly doubt you can get flights there easily.

Fun Fact: I've never been to an airport before, so I used images off the internet as references. Thank you google.

Monday, May 26, 2008

What's on the Plate

So, what is on the plate, as projects go, for this summer.
  • First, I want to do is get Halo Survivor started, a Halo Machinima created by my friend Rik. I'm hoping on getting a better capture card this summer for my birthday so the quality will be better in the videos.
  • Another thing I am attempting to learn is VB.Net. I'm hoping the new concepts from this programming language will help me finish up the Halo CE Trainer 9.0. Details about that trainer can be found on my gaming site.
  • Third, I want to continue the comics. I'll probably update comics on here every once in a while when I get bored, which will be a lot this summer.
  • Fourth, is a flash game I am coding for Newgrounds with my friends Batto and Lineman. I won't release any more info about that.
I am sure there are many other small things that I may work on as well, such as 3D models and mini-flashes, but those are basically the big things I hope to accomplish in the next 3-4 months.

The success of all of that is going to depend on the job I am trying to get. No doubt that work hours will take up a lot of my free time. I just don't know how much free time that is. So I guess I'll have to see how things turn out. One thing is for sure, and that is I am going to try to go for one thing this summer: busy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Comic #18

Hmm, what do you know. I guess I'm not done yet. I got this idea last night while talking on AIM. Decided to draw it into flash without sketching it first.

By the way, we're in the second fall right now.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Comic #17

The 17th comic I've made. My favorite number. This is the last of my in-school comics. Unless I make more during the summer. Probably will. I'm trying to avoid this editing project for a friend of mine. lol

But yeah, I've had 3 hour breaks before. I know how these feel.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Timelapse Video

I was bored a few nights ago so I made a time lapse of my front yard. it didn't turn out well again because it was inside and in front of a window screen. One of these times I'll actually put the camera outside. But yeah, I uploaded it onto my third youtube account:
3 hours compressed into 2 minutes. That's 256x speed.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Comics Collection Flash

For all you high-tech people out there, here is a flash that has all the comics in it that I made so far.


By the way, those arrows on the top of the screen move to the next comic and previous comic. Apparently there are some people out there who don't understand that the universal symbol for an arrow is "to move from one place to another". lol

Comic #16

Just flashified this one. Also, I just made it so that anyone can leave comments, anonymous or with an alias/name.

And yes, I do realize there are no gastank explosions in House.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Comic #15

Just flashified(2) a new comic. This one is a continuation of the Virtual Reality series.

Classes just ended for me today, so the quantity of comics will probably die down over the summer. But there are at least two more comics left that I still have to flashify.

2. A word I made up for tracing scanned images of comics into flash.

Comics Archive #2

Some more comics for the archive. From now on if you want to find all the posts involving comics, just do a search for the label "comic".

The Great Thread Race:

Prank Gone Awry:


Middle School Years:

Spell Check:

Party Games:

Comics Archive

I have been drawing out comics the past several weeks during my breaks between classes. I then learned how to trace them into the computer and redraw them in flash to make them much more neater. A friend of mine suggested I upload these comics online so people can see them, saying that it might catch on, so I'm going to put them in this blog. Here is an archive of what there is so far:

An Alternate Solution:

Definition of Strategic:

Inside the System:

Quick Thinking:

Extended Warranty?

Next Generation Wars:

The Best Things in Life Aren't Free:

Anger Management or Destiny?

Click the images to enlarge.
I'll upload more in the future and constantly update this page.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hatred for Youtube

Maybe it is about time I actually used this thing. I need some sort of site to host my stuff on. One that wont be deleted NUMEROUS times. Yes, youtube. I might as well complain about my hatred for youtube as a first post. I had an account with them for two years. Over those two years I gained 100's of subscribers, 1000's of comments, 40 videos, and over 150 favorites. Youtube decided to delete all that, without any warning, just because one of my videos had parts of a TV show in it. So yes, they ruined a large portion of my internet life in one large blow. Well I created another account. Uploaded ALL the videos again. Took some time, but I figured it would be back to what is was before. A few weeks later, they delete that one, without warning, again. Someone is out to get me, don't know who though, because my videos keep getting flagged. So let's try here. I'll upload my stuff here. I doubt BlogSpot will be as much as an annoyance and utter worthlessness that youtube is.