Thursday, July 1, 2010

Comic #63: Last Minute [Before/After]

I was wrong. It was a month and a half until my next comic. Well here it is, the last one. From my college breaks at least. Makes sense that my last one has to do with the pressure of exams. This one isn't really funny, just relatable. Or maybe it's just me. 

Pencil Draft:

Color Final:

Personally, I'm glad this one is done so I can start creating new ones. I've been jotting down ideas every once in a while since college ended. I even got a small notebook to write things down. This is my first comic on my new laptop. Maybe with the portability of the laptop I'll feel like making new comics since I wont always have to make them in my stuffy room.

So that's it for the drafts. Unless I get really bored at Target. From now on I'll just be drawing them directly into the computer.

Also, here's some videos and a website I've been working on. Check it out:

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