Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Comic #66: Weatherbook

It has been almost two years since I made a comic. I'm real rusty at it too. I had to reinstall some programs and find where all the drawing tools were all over again. I've been jotting down ideas once in a while but I never took the time to draw them out. So, here's #66. It's amazing how much has changed in those two years.

I noticed a lot my images are broken too. You can view the past comics on my website. I built a gallery for them and it's a lot more reliable than ImageShack. The gallery is here: 

Also I changed my blog name. PenguinOre is a name I picked for all the stuff that I create. I wanted to steer away from the Gamerkd name, especially since I'm no longer a kid and it seems a bit conceited. Where'd the name come from? Well I like Penguins and I used to program a Minecraft server (a game with ores) so I just stuck them together and built an icon.

Edit: Great...Blogger did something new in the past two years where my links wont redirect you and they just open in a popup.

Edit #2: All fixed.

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