Monday, May 12, 2008

Hatred for Youtube

Maybe it is about time I actually used this thing. I need some sort of site to host my stuff on. One that wont be deleted NUMEROUS times. Yes, youtube. I might as well complain about my hatred for youtube as a first post. I had an account with them for two years. Over those two years I gained 100's of subscribers, 1000's of comments, 40 videos, and over 150 favorites. Youtube decided to delete all that, without any warning, just because one of my videos had parts of a TV show in it. So yes, they ruined a large portion of my internet life in one large blow. Well I created another account. Uploaded ALL the videos again. Took some time, but I figured it would be back to what is was before. A few weeks later, they delete that one, without warning, again. Someone is out to get me, don't know who though, because my videos keep getting flagged. So let's try here. I'll upload my stuff here. I doubt BlogSpot will be as much as an annoyance and utter worthlessness that youtube is.

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