Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gamerkd Creations Site Launched!

¤Gamerkd Creations Site¤

I finally got a good start on this website. The only thing that isn't on there yet is my projects and programs that I have created. When I finish up those pages I'll throw another update in here.
Anyway, this website is hosted on my own computer so I have more control over what can go on it. This also means there could be more downtime since it's using my bandwidth. I don't expect that many visitors though.
The website currently has all the comics that I have done in a gallery form and the comics themselves have all been redone so that the date and comic number are included in each. Also I added a video archive of all the videos I have created. The links go to numerous video sharing sites since (as you know from my first post on this blog) youtube sucks and deletes anything they don't like. The Gir Compilations should be back online as well. If at any time the links for anything are broken let me know on AIM at gamerkd17.

On a side note, Comic #53 hasn't been done at all yet except for the layout of the dialog. I just haven't been in the mood to do it or I haven't had time. It should be out soon though.

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