Monday, February 22, 2010

Comic #60: WoW of the Future [Before/After]

Damn I hate Windows sometimes. Flash locked up a few panels in and I had to redo an entire panel. Pain the ass. Oh well, here's another one about the future. I have a lot of fun with this theme. It still amazes me how well these turn out months later after I draw them. Being able to add color and gradients makes it look a hell of a lot better than the original white paper on pencil. In fact, I'm including a scan of the original drafts to show how different they really are. You might also note I change the text around a bit too.

A very rough one minute pre-draft to organize the panels:


The pencil on paper draft. Looks a lot better than the previous.

 And the final product all neat and colored that you all know and love. lol

By the way, I'm plugging my website again. Added a news feed to it today so it's basically complete. I'm sure I can think of other things to add. A good archive of my comics is there as well as videos and program that I made.


Anonymous said...

Here are several problems with your comic:

1) Inconsistent. The title is WoW of the Future but the game being played is Sims?

2) Poor grammar. It should be "I have to go buy groceries..." and perhaps you meant "Updates in real time" or "Real time updates".

3) Even in the future you wouldn't be able to download an update if there was a blackout in your area.

4) There is clearly nudity in the last frame.

Matt Miles said...

1) The WoW is meant to be a relation to something that popular, addictive, and "out of control" right now. Sims is not this. Why would I say Sims of the future. When has Sims ever been as ridiculous and WoW?

2) I'll give you this one. I was going to go for slang at first by using "gonna" by changed it at the last minute and forgot to correct the grammar.

3) I'm sorry. Are you from the future? How can you POSSIBLY know what there will be in the future? It's a creative representation of what I think that could be, not yours. My opinion means it can be anything I want. Ever think that maybe electricity and internet wont go hand in hand in the future?

4) No, there's not. I don't think you were serious with this one. The blackout spread to his game and therefore the entire panel is black.

Anonymous said...

1) You might consider consistency to be important because you will have people asking the same question I did. Just because it's rational to you doesn't mean it is for the rest of your readers. Otherwise, would I have brought it up?

3) I don't think your creative representations of the future are very realistic or have much of a basis. Are YOU from the future? Are you sure we can download trial cars? Why do you believe this will be so? Everybody can have an opinion but, contrary to what you may have been taught, some opinions can be wrong.

Matt Miles said...

1) Sims - it will be the WoW of the future. Seems pretty understandable to me. No one else has questioned it.

3) Ok, good for you. I don't have to care what you think. You are trying to base my future interpretation off fact, when that is quite impossible. You do not know the limits of our technology and never will. That's why it's always changing. Yes, it could be seen as far-fetched, but it was how I made the punchline possible. Jeeze, take a fucking joke. Ok, ok. I'll end it at the fourth panel. Who cares if it's feel like it's left hanging; as long as it is damn realistic.

Who are you? I know you know me because you are from Rochester.

Anonymous said...

blizzard would not support this