Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comic #61: Positive Spin [Before/After]

A simple four panel comic. I attempted to draw a new girl character this time, since the current conversation wouldn't make sense with Joey and Katie. The hair looks better, but the stick figure still looks like a man. Maybe it's because she's flat chested. lol But I can't add boobs to a stick figure. That'd look even weirder. Eh.. I'm not really sure what characteristics to add to make her look more like a girl. Or maybe the entire thing is in my head? 

Pencil Draft

Color Final

First time I dropped the F-Bomb in a comic too. Oh well. It was originally going to be censored but the symbols looked crowded and overall dumb. 

I thought I'd do the before and after thing again. This was originally comic #62 but I dropped #61 and #63 because they weren't that funny and didn't seem worth my time. Only two more comics left then I'm done with all the comics I drew in college.

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